Book Review: The Blade Itself

Last Updated on 9 June 2023
An image of a book, "The Blade Itself"

This book was written by Joe Abercrombie and first published in 2006 – I picked the book up recently because I remember one of my teachers reading it back in high school and him recommending it. So 11 years later, here I am. I consider this review to be spoiler free.

The book mainly focuses on the perspective of 3 characters in a fantasy medieval world; Logen – a warrior from the north who can seemingly endure any trial or tribulation, Glokta – A crippled yet resourceful inquisitor, and Jezal – a punk noble training for a fencing tournament. Of course, there are a few other perspectives thrown in as well.

My thoughts on this book are very conflicted. As I was about mid-way through it I sort of thought “Oh no – this is a trilogy and I’m not so sure I want to continue to another book.” The individual stories were just interesting enough to keep me reading. I would always look forward to hearing Logen’s story. In my opinion he’s the most interesting character in the book. After I finished the book today, my thoughts are largely the same: I’m just on the threshold of investing in the next book.

I suppose it’s why I avoid series (which is almost impossible to do with anything Fantasy). I don’t like such huge commitments on my end to literary work. And this book in particular was an issue for me, because not a lot happened – it felt like it was mainly a set up for the next book.

Would I recommend this book? Maybe? I guess? Would I read it again? No. Will I read the next book? Probably.

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