Building from the Primordial Ooze

For the last several years the only time I’ve messed with Lego, I’ve been constructing a set that I bought according to instructions. I love throwing on a show and sitting down and vibing.

But for Christmas – Santa got our daughter a big box of bricks. She’s not quite to the point where she can construct her own things so I was trying to teach her. I look in the bin, see two parts and think “Well I’ve got enough to make a merry-go-round”.

I would say there’s something even more enjoyable about building with Lego with zero plan and just organically making things. This Christmas I ended up with a pizza park.

There’s something beautiful about the forced minimalist approach as well. That thing on the table, I was thinking it was a bouquet of flowers. My wife, however, saw a ketchup & mustard dispenser.

And then eventually an AT-ST claimed this site in the name of the Empire:

I should build original things more often!

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