Music Recording: Autumn Evenings

Last Updated on 19 August 2023

I’ve got a goal, at some point, to play music in front of people. I’m typically a pretty outgoing person, but the moment there’s a guitar in my hands and someone else is watching, I want to curl up in a little ball. I’ve been thinking of making baby steps towards that goal, and the first step is to just share my music in some way shape or form. I’m still experimenting with how to construct whole songs, most of my recording is done on my Ditto Looper X2 for simplicity.

Anywho. It appears I’d had this idea before (and forgot). I was looking to upload something to Soundcloud, and it turns out I already had an account, and I stumbled upon this recording from 5 years ago. I quite liked it and thought it was worth sharing.

It’s not top notch professional, but something I’ve learned in woodworking – if you get hung up on your mistakes, nothing will ever get done. Not to mention I love all sorts of musicians who’s music is noticeably imperfect in terms of precision. So I suppose why can’t I be one of those sorts of musicians?

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