Claden’s Notes: Preparing for the Underworld

Last Updated on 19 August 2023
Context: Every Thursday(ish) I play D&D online (we're actually using the SWADE system for this campaign) with some friend. The setting is entirely homebrew (both DM and players worked to create the world before playing). I play an iron being (not a robot) known as an Ironing. His name is Claden and he is a Varaq, responsible for obtaining variables, measurements, metrics, and statistics of all sorts which he will input into the "great machine," an all knowing device. These are notes from Claden's perspective while we play.
  • We’re headed into Gitma to get a new bow for Plume – we find one at the Slithering Quiver
  • We also used a voucher for healing potions. He may not be able to brew potions (instantly heals 1 would and all fatigue). I’m told they smell like charred flesh
  • In the mage tower, we were given a map of the underworld:
  • We decide that is probably best to head towards the Abyssal Depths, through the Troglodytes. Avoid Sindar, the Observer, and Othersiders
  • The Troglodyte’s serve the Observer
  • Bashir has gone to learn a Shrinking spell from a Strix, Starshine. In addition we got various pieces of equipment to help us on our journey
  • We stayed at an inn – “In the Shadow of the Tower”
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