Claden’s Notes: Thunder Island

Context: Every Thursday(ish) I play D&D online (we're actually using the SWADE system for this campaign) with some friend. The setting is entirely homebrew (both DM and players worked to create the world before playing). I play an iron being (not a robot) known as an Ironing. His name is Claden and he is a Varaq, responsible for obtaining variables, measurements, metrics, and statistics of all sorts which he will input into the "great machine," an all knowing device. These are notes from Claden's perspective while we play.
  • We head southwest. We come at the shore amongst inky black water. I broke the surface of the water and it became a writhing mass of tentacles and eyes. We drank potions of shapeshifting, turning into flying bats to travel over the water.
  • The island that we arrive at is a beautiful island oasis. There are crystals giving off light. When we rest – we find that our wounds were healed. We woke up with otters and capybaras surrounding us. We head towards the center of the island in search of Thunder Lizards.
  • Ferinix smells the O-zone, and I can feel my electron cloud being pulled and pushed. Thunder Lizards are near.
  • We end by accidentally stepping on Bashir’s tail. Both the lizards swivel towards us.
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