Claden’s Notes: Finishing off the Thunder Lizards

Context: Every Thursday(ish) I play D&D online (we're actually using the SWADE system for this campaign) with some friend. The setting is entirely homebrew (both DM and players worked to create the world before playing). I play an iron being (not a robot) known as an Ironing. His name is Claden and he is a Varaq, responsible for obtaining variables, measurements, metrics, and statistics of all sorts which he will input into the "great machine," an all knowing device. These are notes from Claden's perspective while we play.
  • Another lightning blast brought Ferenix down, and almost brought me down.
  • As a treeant I spewed spores into the beetles
  • With some well placed stabs, we were able to kill the lizards.
  • We collected a 8 stones, and the changling decided to come back with us.
  • The strix used the stones to close the sink hole.
  • We’re given a key to the city, and a deed to a town house. Also 6000 trunx, and vouchers for 1 magical item (each)
  • I selected a “Modus” – A tool that allows Ironings to see dimensions of all things and helps with aimed shots (+2)
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