Claden’s Notes: Down The River

Context: Every Thursday(ish) I play D&D online (we're actually using the SWADE system for this campaign) with some friend. The setting is entirely homebrew (both DM and players worked to create the world before playing). I play an iron being (not a robot) known as an Ironing. His name is Claden and he is a Varaq, responsible for obtaining variables, measurements, metrics, and statistics of all sorts which he will input into the "great machine," an all knowing device. These are notes from Claden's perspective while we play.
  • We board the Slippery Salmon, captained by Salty Mort, a Berkin. He was carrying barrels of swamp goop.
  • There was a strange tidal event – and the captain gets lost – fish are jumping onto the board. The Treeants gathered on the side of the river and helped get us back on course. A seagull – Captain Squawk – has been trying to break into the goop barrels.
  • We arrive at White Dune Bay. We see smoke off in the distance.
  • We meet Throrden – captain of an ocean-faring vessel. His son, Vrall, went west with a caravan, and was waylayed by fire elementals. His eyes are aflame, and he makes strange volcanic sound noises.
  • We connect minds to the being, and find that he is being possessed by Akizar Pillar of Wrath, who claims to be stronger than Dayboom the Foundation of Destruction
  • We contact Oricus and Cinnamon near Gitma –
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