Death’s Sickles

My daughter, Hazel, wanted to be Puss in Boots for Halloween – and so to coordinate, my wife (Sarah) and I were Kitty Softpaws and Death respectively. Sarah created my cloak (poncho?) and cut out the pieces for a paper craft mask on her Cricut (I assembled it). And I made his dual sickles – here’s a little bit on how it was done.

I started by making a template out of cereal-box cardboard. I used a plate that was around the curve size I wanted. I decided not to make them TOO curved to prevent a lot of waste wood. Once the template was done, I transferred the shape to some scrap 1/4″ plywood scrap.

I could have probably made these on my Shaper Origin but I didn’t have a lot of time and the accuracy was not super important, so I just cut out the shape with my scroll saw. I find it’s quite handy for little quick jobs like this.

I used the belt sander for some “retroactive precision”, to take some of the burrs away, and finally to put a little bit of an edge on it.

Next I took some aluminum ducting tape and wrapped it around the blade. I tried to be as strategic as possible to minimize visible tape edges but it was pretty inevitable. In hindsight I might have been more effective using a piece of aluminum foil wrapped around the “blade” with a piece of aluminum tape to hold it together.

Finally I placed some matte electrical tape around the handle and called it good! I was able to bring these things to life in around an hour and a half!

We also added the markers for the 8 already-claimed lives. One left, Puss in Boots!

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