Claden’s Notes: Attacking Fire Elementals

Context: Every Thursday(ish) I play D&D online (we're actually using the SWADE system for this campaign) with some friend. The setting is entirely homebrew (both DM and players worked to create the world before playing). I play an iron being (not a robot) known as an Ironing. His name is Claden and he is a Varaq, responsible for obtaining variables, measurements, metrics, and statistics of all sorts which he will input into the "great machine," an all knowing device. These are notes from Claden's perspective while we play.
  • We rent horses – and ride west across the dunes. I’ve never rode a horse before.
  • A mutant alligator emerges from the nearby water. We dispatch it pretty quickly.
  • We arrive at the flaming area. Even the soil is burned away. Amongst the carnage, there are beings of fire moving around.
  • After awhile observing, they run towards us, “We are Akizar, pillar of Wrath, you cannot stop our conquest of this world, your presence matters not”
  • “Water will not be allowed in this consecrated place”
  • They charges us – and we killed them, except for one. They appeared to be a possessed.
  • Each of them have a singed hand print on them.
  • Rain is oncoming, and something magical happens: A water being appears with the very first drop of rain. It’s waist high. Bashir named it “Trickle”
  • They just want to submerge the world in blessed water
  • After talking with Trickle for awhile – we get him to coalesce a mass of rain water and push it at the gnome – and is saves it.
  • Florence – the saved gnome, fell in love with me. She insisted in crawling into my front hatch. She kicked out the changling. I had the changling take the totem with him towards the great machine.
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