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Join Dr. Shane Oberloier, where we step into his office and unravel the captivating lives of students, staff, and unique guests at Michigan Tech. Engage with us as we unearth intriguing stories, impart sage advice, touch on taboo topics, and tackle bizarre questions in our captivating conversations.* Episodes will be posted (roughly) once a week.


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  • In this special season finale, Shane invites Mrs. Sarah Oberloier into his office to capture a chit chat about their relationship and observations about one another. Learn more about this podcast at #marriage #sociallyawkward #relationships #limo #podcast #michigantech
  • In this episode Shane invites math professor, member of Apples in Stereo and Elephant 6 – Robert Schneider into his office (with guest host Jared Wolfe). In this conversation they discuss Robert's career in music, and how he made the jump into the world of academics. The topic of GAI also comes up.Learn more about […]
  • In this episode Shane invites 3 of his students into his office to chit chat about what ever comes to their minds! The conversation tends around making some big life choices, books and being a student. Learn more about this podcast at #studentlife #limo #podcast #michigantech
  • In this episode Shane invites his long time friend, Michael Maurer to discuss the cultural phenomena – Dungeons and Dragons. We explore how the game can excel as a form of entertainment and way to relax. Learn more about this podcast at #DungeonsAndDragons #minis #podcast #michigantech
  • In this episode Shane invites Ben and Sophia – two students volunteering for the Daily Bull. We talk about how this satire journal operates, some of their history, and what a group like this can mean to some students. Learn more about this podcast at #satire #journalism #podcast #michigantech
  • In this episode Shane invites Holly Hassel to discuss what it's like preparing for and competing in the hit game show Jeopardy! We hear some of the process of what it's like to compete, and a few other interesting stories along the way. Learn more about this podcast at #jeopardy #podcast #productivity #michigantech
  • In this episode Shane invites Tucker Nielsen (Instagram @yooperbricks906) and Dennis Livesay (Instagram @dl_bricks) to talk all about one of Michigan Tech's favorite pastime's LEGO! We touch on everything from the philosophy of Lego, to broken model horror stories and favorite designs. Learn more about this podcast at #lego #podcast #michigantech
  • In this episode Shane invites Logan and Jake into his office to tell the story of the cultural phenomena "Migigan Tek". We look at where some of the goofy graphics came to be, how it ended up on hundreds of shirts, and how the trend came to an end. #michigantech #migigantek #podcast #memes
  • In this episode Shane invites Jim Grider and special guest host Jared Wolfe into his office. Jim brings a unique insight into the mental health of MTU students, as well as on music, and just generally being a good person. #michigantech #mentalhealth #music #JIM
  • In this episode, Shane invites Dr. Alexandra Morrison and Ben Conlin into his office. The conversation mainly centers around Artificial Intelligence and its use at the university – and we also found that the conversation couldn't help but tend towards views on humanity, and how important genuine experiences are. #michigantech #academic #ai #chatgpt #podcast
  • In this episode, Shane invites Anders Smitterberg and Alex Beltz into his office. The conversation ranges from Saunas and interesting possesions, to failing classes and what defines a good professor. #michigantech #academic #podcast
  • In this episode Shane talks with Lauren Huested about topics ranging from her recent experience falling off of a building, to crazy cat stories, and the closing of one of the institutions in the Keweenaw Area – Finlandia University.
  • In this Episode of LIMO – Shane plucks a student right out of his microcontrollers class, Jack Fuhrman, and strikes up a conversation. They discuss topics ranging from long-distance relationships, to being so stressed that your heart stops working right.
  • In this inaugural episode of LIMO, Shane talks with his good friend and colleague Jared Wolfe about topics ranging from birds getting fat bones to having machete fights and having family members in prison.

*Views shared in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of Michigan Technological University

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