Last Updated on 4 September 2023
(This whole section is very much under construction)

My Research Interests

Something I’ve found during grad school is that I despise doing research alone – so if I am to engage in research, I want to do it with a team. Given my interest in Open Source Hardware, I’m always looking to solve other researchers engineering problems by using it. So my interests are wide, but if I had to narrow them down I’d say:

  • Open Source Instruments / Tools
  • Data Acquisition
  • Robotics
  • Fabrication
  • Engineering Education

Current Projects

  • TheCircuit.Site: This project is setting out to do the following: Establish ”The Universal Parts List (UPL),” the smallest amount of electrical components that can embody the largest amount of designs. Create a web-based platform that hosts open-source electronics designs that are built using the UPL and are digitally manufacturable. Host events, competitions, and campaigns to promote the platform and sustain novel contributions to the platform. Adopt and establish standard open-source hardware options for digital
    manufacturing of designs hosted on the platform.
  • BREAD:

Past Projects

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