Who is Shane Oberloier?

Last Updated on 20 December 2022

If you’d like an itemized description of who I am or what I’ve done – check out my CV. Otherwise, buckle up for story time.

Shane at the Museum of Modern Art
In 2022 I took a trip to NYC and visited the MoMA

Shane – In Short

Okay – you want the executive summary. I somewhat arbitrarily chose electrical engineering while in high school. It turns out I liked it. So much so that I decided I wanted to teach it. I was not the greatest student, but I enjoyed and became quite proficient with the practical side of engineering. So as a teaching professor, I come from a unique angle, in that I have to really work to understand things. Nothing comes natural. I love working with students and searching for the “A-ha”.

I married my high school sweetheart, Sarah, and we have one child, Hazel. We live in the beautiful U.P. of Michigan out on 20 acres in the woods. It is a great thing, and I highly recommend it. I woodwork, ski, OneWheel, dink around with instruments, push snow around, play video games, and D&D.

Shane – In Long

I’ve tried running a website several times. Whats different this time is my honesty. Not that I lie (or maybe I do) in the information provided here – its more that, like many people, I presented information in a way that is more flattering to me. So the idea is – more of that. I’m here to document my experience as a human on this earth, good and bad. So here’s what you’ve missed so far.

Early Childhood

I can’t say I remember a whole lot about being a baby. So we’ll skip that part. Well I guess I could make some inferences. Okay – My folks are good people who cared deeply for me (and still do). In fact that is true for my extended family both on my mother and fathers side. I likely spent a large fraction of time with family, or at the Gladwin Heights Golf Course. At the time, my mothers parents owned it, and as such, hung out there a lot.

In fact, one of the oldest memories I have a shadow of is riding in a van down the long driveway of the golf course. I think I was wearing sun glasses.

I’m not entirely sure where it spurred from, but I didn’t get along with my brother (4 years older than me) as a child. But I did get along well with my cousin (3 years older than me) who lived 2 houses down the lane. I remember from a young age walking with my brother across our neighbor’s property to go visit.

  • Notes on where to go next:
  • Playing Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Childhood generally idyllic
  • Preschool – behind other students – terrified of getting in trouble
  • Kindergarten – Legos, Peed pants, scared of assistant lady
  • First Grade – Florida trips commenced
  • Second Grade – Dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi – asked my teacher if she ever committed suicide





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