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Last Updated on 29 June 2023
  • Claden’s Notes: Through the Labyrinth
    We head into a labyrinth and extract the heart of the mountain
  • Sailing Adventures: Storms on the Horizon
    This was a successful sailing trip that was cut off early due to an unexpected storm.
  • Sailing Adventures: Less Safe on Land
    We sailed well in this voyage! Out at the opening of Lake Superior, with low winds. Little did we know that the problems would be awaiting us on shore.
  • Cladens Notes: Pleasing the Pangodigs
    We took care of the molten core – and then to the House Gem Light to prepare for their task of acquiring a special stone.
  • Sailing Adventures: Shake-Down!
    The Little Dipper has made it into the water on 3 occasions since the time of writing. Once for testing the motor and hull, once to try and sail, and then the third time was the charm.
  • DIY Mast Holder for Sailboat
    A simple wooden structure to help secure the mast on my sailboat to aid in transit & raising & lowering the mast.
  • [Video] Debugging a Suddenly-Dead PC
    In this video – I dive into the world of commercial computing repair. I’m an amateur at it specifically – but I was curious to see how far my electrical engineering skills would take me. It turns out – that it took me exactly where I needed to go….
  • G-Code Basics
    An important piece of 3D Printing technology is the instructions that make them replicate a desired model – those instructions are G-Code!
  • 3D Printing Mechanisms
    Each 3D Printer is slightly different, but in terms of FDM printers, most of the core components are the same. Of course once we get into different or Novel deposition methods, things can get different. Let’s take a look at some of the core mechanisms for the big 3 of 3D Printing (FDM, SLA, SLS).
  • Common 3D Printer Electronics
    In this section I discuss some of the common components found in 3D Printers
  • Sailing Adventures: Meet “Little Dipper”!
    Meet our new sail boat, “The Little Dipper”! a 20-foot O’Day from 1978. I’m excited to see what adventures my family and friends will have on this little boat!
  • FDM Considerations
    In this section I go over some of the key mechanical considerations you should take into account when conceiving of a part you’d like to 3D Print.
  • General design procedure for free and open-source hardware for scientific equipment
    A discussion of the key points you should consider when creating a piece of open source hardware.
  • FreeCAD Resources
    I’m not a FreeCAD Expert – but I realize that OpenSCAD isn’t for everyone. So I’ve put together a collection of some decent FreeCAD resources.
  • Getting Started with OpenSCAD
    The concept behind OpenSCAD is that your 3D model is defined as a script. That’s actually what the S stands for in OpenSCAD: Open Scriptable Computer Aided Design. By using basic shapes and transformations, you can design all sorts of neat stuff.
  • Box Blade – Goodbye Potholes!
    My 1/4 mile driveway can be a lot of work in the winter – but it goes mostly neglected in the summer. Time to fix these potholes!
  • Key Events in Open-Source Additive Manufacturing
    Introduction The RepRap Project In 2009, Dr. Adrian Bowyer and his students published “RepRap – The Replicating Rapid Prototyper.” which detailed an Open Source, unpatended, FDM 3D Printer with plans made freely available. By no coincidence, Scott Crump’s patent on FDM expired in 2009. The manuscript is an interesting read, especially some of the backing… Read more: Key Events in Open-Source Additive Manufacturing
  • Key Events of Closed-Source Additive Manufacturing
    Introduction Additive Manufacturing Before 3D Printers According to Wikipedia – 3D Printing and additive manufacturing (AM) are synonymous (Two words for the same thing). But I contest that point – given the name, additive manufacturing means to create something by adding material. If we stick with that interpretation, the concept of adding materials to make… Read more: Key Events of Closed-Source Additive Manufacturing
  • How Much Patents & Copyrights Take From Your Wallet
    Video: Transcript: I read a book a few months ago called “Who owns this Sentence: A History of Copyrights and Wrongs” which painted a good picture of the evolution of copyright and IP laws. Near the end of the book, I read something pretty staggering about how much intellectual property costs the average American. The… Read more: How Much Patents & Copyrights Take From Your Wallet
  • 3D Printing Introduced
    This page is just going to serve as a very basic primer as to what 3D Printing is (I’ll use this term interchangeably with Additive Manufacturing, and sometimes abbreviate it as 3DP). Almost every sentence in this page will be extrapolated to an entire lecture later.
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