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Last Updated on 29 June 2023
  • Claden’s Notes: Attacking Fire Elementals
    In this adventure, the heroes ride towards the fire and find possessed peoples with flaming eyes.
  • Snowy Scene Painting
    In my effort to get better at painting and generate more art for our house – I tried painting a snowy scene. I tried paying attention to shading, and color. The weakest point (in my opinion) is the execution of the barn.
  • Video: Looking at I2C with an Oscilloscope
    In this video I demonstrate two Arduino Nanos communicating with one another via an I2C bus. I use a digital storage oscilloscope to look at the data and clock signals, and then dissect the information present in the signal.
  • Video: Can I use a BJT as a Rectifier?
    Experimenting for the sake of experimenting is a great thing that I’ve lost touch with. So in this video I took a look at a question that I wasn’t quite sure about: Can I use one part of a bipolar junction transistor as a diode?
  • Paintings For Decoration
    Last Updated on 14 November 2023 Above my interior stairs I’ve got a large wall that is shamefully unadorned. We’ve looked at art in the past but it’s been too pricey. So now we are making a 5×10 mosaic of several painted pictures. Can we paint? Kinda? Will we be able to paint better after… Read more: Paintings For Decoration
  • Video: How Does the Miracle Fish Work?
    In this video I get curious about how the plastic fortune telling fish is able to divine the future, both by testing student’s theories as well as information dredged up from a quick literature review.
  • Video: Using Arduino & Sensors to Debug an Old Remote
    In this quick pilot video I use an Arduino paired with an IR sensor to get curious and see if an old remote is still generating a signal. And if it is generating a signal, what does it look like?
  • Death’s Sickles
    My daughter, Hazel, wanted to be Puss in Boots for Halloween – and so to coordinate, my wife (Sarah) and I were Kitty Softpaws and Death respectively. Sarah created my cloak (poncho?) and cut out the pieces for a paper craft mask on her Cricut (I assembled it). And I made his dual sickles –… Read more: Death’s Sickles
  • Frame Transformation Utility
    A quick utility that I made (with the help of Chat GPT to expedite Efforts) to convert points from one frame to another frame.
  • Claden’s Notes: Down The River
    We head towards White Dune Bay, and find an elemental-possessed child.
  • Claden’s Notes: Finishing off the Thunder Lizards
    We’ve finally killed the thunder lizards and were well rewarded.
  • September 2023 Playlist
    I make a playlist (about) every other month. For the past few months I’ve just been listening albums and old playlists. This playlist is showing some of the cool songs that I’ve found during that (and other songs will get added throughout the month)
  • Claden’s Notes: Fighting The Thunder Lizards
    Notes from our D&D adventures in the world of Kermit – In this adventure we engage a set of Thunder Lizards
  • Guide: Installing ROS Melodic
    A video guide to installing setting up a ROS Melodic VM.
  • Image: Someone’s Nest
    I don’t normally like creatures building nests in my stuff, but this nest constructed of moss and twigs in the wheel of my tractor was just too adorable. Granted what ever lives there probably doesn’t appreciate me driving around in the tractor. I love the contrast between the grungy industrial exterior and the cozy natural interior.
  • Saving Each Other
    I met my wife in high school. I had just turned 16. She was a small-statured shy blonde girl, and I was a goofy geek that would never shut up. Her name was Sarah, and little did I know that we’d go on to save each other’s lives.
  • Claden’s Notes: Thunder Island
  • Claden’s Notes: Changlings & Worms
  • Video: Making Teeth on Location!
    My mother works at a dentist office and I hear a lot about the going-ons of the office. So naturally I had heard about Dr. Allen acquiring a set up to manufacture crowns right on site. Yesterday I had stopped by and figured it might be a great opportunity to learn more!
  • Claden’s Notes: Thieves in the Underdark
    Last Updated on 19 August 2023
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